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Caribbean Skin and Massage in Puerto Rico ...San Juan Massage






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"Invest in your health and happiness with massage therapy and bodywork. We support your journey to wellness with Caribbean Skin and Massage".

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Are you looking to feel
alive again?

Whether you are traveling to Puerto Rico or live in Puerto Rico. We come straight to you. We offer professional services.

Try an amazing massage and skin package .

Special packages for skin care are available to help bring a vibrant look to your skin again
Caribbean Skin and Massage 

Every system in the body can be helped by massage, either directly or indirectly. Every massage is a unique experience with us. Comfortable working conditions are always a part of our service. We can tailor your massage to certain techniques to suit you the best. We can help you if you suffer from pain syndromes. Thru massage symptoms like chronic fatigues syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, lower back pain and migraines have been known to get better or disappear sometimes.

Allow us to give you a soothing and invigorating massage thru techniques we only use .Improve your health and well-being. We have a range of massage methods from all around the world.

Professional Services
Manicure /Pedicure


Skin Care
Energy Healing
Vapor Steam Treatments
Hot Stone Massage
Swedish Massage Therapy
Aromatherapy Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

Advanced Specials

Couples massages offered
Abdominal Massage ( for people who have issues with stomach)
Anger Removal Massage (do you find yourself always getting angry lately)
Premenstrual Massage(rid bloating due to pms and severe pain and depression)
Depression Massage(help rid built up depression by treating meridian lines)
Sound Healing
Energy Healing
Steam Healing(RID toxin to find out more info call to have a rep speak to you)
Steam Healing and Massage combo
Skin Care

We are not doctors we just use natural techniques that help the natural healing in the body to detox.

Call today for a live Rep to help you. They are standing by for your call now. Enjoy the comfort of knowing you can be taken care of today.
Call now......Book today......Book an event......Book a party..... Would you like to give someone a gift?.............Have a real service cater to your needs  ........CALL NOW     787-688-0961

•Relieve stress and tension
•Increase energy levels
•Help to alleviate muscle aches and stiffness
•Improve mobility of muscle and joint function
•Help to correct muscle imbalances
•Increase blood flow and circulation
To those of you who have yet to experience professional bodywork, come escape to a world of personal attention and relaxation.
Please understand
I understand that massage therapy is for stress reduction, increasing circulation or energy flow,
or relief from muscle tension, spasm or pain. I understand Caribbean Skin and Massage, does not
Diagnose illness or disease, nor prescribe medical treatments or pharmaceuticals.

Questions about getting service done

  1. Has everyone received training and a graduate from a school?

    Of course,no need to worry everyone has training. Everyone has completed recommeded hours.

  2. What makes you different from others?

    We are a professional company. Everyone has correct training .Everyone is well trained in this field. Everyone is is good standing. This is  a uniform base company .

  3. This isn't an escort service correct?

    Of course not ,we have nothing to do with any service like that. We stated before we are a professional service.

  4. Others have pictures of their workers, why dont you?

    We really don't think a picture has anything to do with service. Just because someone might look beautiful doesn't mean that they can do the right job. Others use picture to lore people in we dont need that.

  5. What is the Affiliate program

    We have  hotels that refer our service. Sometimes the workers at the hotels refer  our service. We also have a program for customers that use our service all the time.This means they get discounts.

  6. Can I get same day service

    Yes. You can in most cases. We will try to fit you in the day. There is a

    verification  process when calling from hotel or requesting a massage. We verify who you are thru a veri system we use.
  7. I emailed and didn't get any prices thru email

    Like we said before we use a veri system. So no prices are given thru email.  Just questions about service. You must call this way we have veri to know who is calling.

  8. I have so many questions about skin care. I would rather an email

    You would have to call. We will set an appointment thru the phone that is free to help you with all your questions. To find what is the right choice for you.



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